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To help you understand the process better, the job of a professional chimney sweep is to rid your chimney completely of soot, creosote buildup, grime, and other blockages. The cleaning would include your firebox, flue, chimney liner, smoke chamber, and damper. It is done thoroughly to ensure a safe operation of your system when you burn.

It only takes a small buildup of creosote to actually ignite and start a chimney fire because it is highly flammable. Of course, it could accumulate faster if you have poor burning practices or if your stove or burning appliance is not working properly. Additionally, different types of wood also result to varying amounts of creosote when you burn them. Pine, for example causes fast buildup of creosote which also reduces the draw of your fireplace and also its efficiency.

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To make sure that your system is in a good working order and is functioning the way it should, it is highly recommended that you get an annual chimney inspection. Usually, homeowners in Woodbridge choose to have their chimneys cleaned every year too, especially the ones who use their fireplaces on a regular basis. All the venting systems that are connected to furnaces and stoves also require cleaning regularly to maintain a much safer operation. Furnaces, fireplaces, stoves, and all heating appliance systems are crucial to your family’s safety and should not be neglected. So do not risk the chance of having an unchecked defect turn into a really expensive repair or a horrible chimney fire!

If you only use your fireplace minimally, it is still advised to get an annual inspection for all your heating venting systems, stoves, flues, and chimneys. Even if cleaning is not that much needed, it could be during these inspections that issues or defects may be found. Having them checked means you can have them repaired before the problem progresses.


We are W.E.T.T. certified for inspections, masonry, chimney sweeping, and installation.

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When you call MGG Chimney Sweep, we can schedule an inspection for you and then we can advise you whether or not it is time to have a sweep.

So if you haven’t had a chimney inspection in a year or so and there is a performance issue with your chimney or fireplace, do not wait. Waiting usually results in additional repair work and sometimes even property damage or loss. Every year, homeowners spend huge amounts as a result of using unsafe fireplaces and chimneys.

If you have not used your fireplace for quite some time, it is possible that birds and other animals may have built their nests in your chimney that could clog your chimney chamber or flue. Additionally, moisture and winter freeze work together to take their toll on your chimney masonry, as well as the liner materials too. As years pass, you can no longer deny the chimney’s deterioration. Even normal wear and tear, when left unchecked will eventually affect your system. The longer you wait, the more costly the repairs could get. The point is, staying on top of your system is the smartest and safest choice you can make, not to mention the most effective.

MGG Chimney Sweep can help you do just that. We provide top quality chimney services in Woodbridge, as well as the areas of Aerin, Bolton, Georgetown, Caledon, Simcoe, Etobicoke, Orangeville, Maple, Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, and more.

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Our customers in Woodbridge and other towns know that we provide thorough chimney cleaning that gives you a dust-free environment, making burning safer for your family. Our team is also available to handle any repair work your chimney might require.

We also offer W.E.T.T. certified inspection if you need to comply with some bank or insurance requirements. We include a very comprehensive and detailed report, too. Our team of professionals make sure that everything is thoroughly assessed.

If your chimney or fireplace is in a really bad state and is quite beyond repair, then perhaps it is best for you to simply get a replacement installed. If that is the case, you should not worry because MGG Chimney Sweep also has some of the best brands that promise high performance and safety. We can install your fireplace and make sure that the installation complies with the B-365 standard and product manual. Our certified masons can build you a chimney that also matches the aesthetics of your home, too.

So, are you worried about that chimney of yours? Just give MGG Chimney Sweep and we will be more than happy to help you! We’ll be waiting for your call!

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