Chimney Installation

Chimney & Woodstove Installation

Full installation of wood stove and chimney systems are all done according to instruction manual and the b-365 standard.

We provide all brands of chimney system and stove.
Wood stoves and fireplaces work on natural draft as there are no fans driving the flow of exhaust. If you want your chimney to function correctly, it has to receive around 20% of the heat energy that is produced by your burning wood. Never allow your chimney to starve of the heat it needs to function properly.

Chimney installation

A properly installed chimney will make some draft and will flow air upwards even when there is no fire burning. When fire is built in a stove that is connected in a well-designed and installed chimney, draft increases rapidly as kindling ignites with ease. What you’ll have is a nice and hot fire with no smoke. That is the system any homeowner would want for his house.

MGG Chimney Sweep’s full installation for chimney systems and wood stoves can deliver that, as all or procedures are done in accordance to the instruction manual and the B-365 standard. We can provide you with top quality brands of stoves and chimney systems as well.