Animal Removal

We remove nests and animals from chimneys and provide screening and caps. We remove all blockages so you can enjoy your fireplace once again.

A lot of homeowners have experienced having what they usually believe to be “birds” in their chimneys. Most of them get shocked when they find out that what could be trapped in chimneys are not always birds. Yes, bats, starlings, sparrows, owls, wood ducks, squirrels, raccoons, and other small animals somehow find their way to fall down that very high opening to your home. They could come out through your fireplace doors, furnace vents, and chimney clean-out doors.


Some of these animals may look cute, but you should never attempt to remove them yourself as more often than not, there are special considerations to be made before one handles them. Depending on the situation, it may even be required to remove not just the nesting but the entire chimney.

Instead of attempting this not-so-fun and possibly dangerous task, why not just go for the safest option which is to take out your phone and call us for assistance? MGG Chimney Sweep can take care of any wildlife that may find its way into your chimney. We can even install protective screening and caps to avoid this hassle in the future. Contact us ASAP so you can use your fireplace again!