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It’s something that you should stop neglecting – no matter how busy or preoccupied you are with other things that may or may not concern your home. Your property’s chimney needs your attention. You may not know it, but your chimney actually plays a crucial role in ensuring that your family is safe and comfortable throughout the year. If your chimney is malfunctioning, you are then putting your family in both discomfort and danger.

If you live in Etobicoke or any of its neighbouring areas, you do not have to look any further if you need a team of experts working on your wonderful chimney. We understand that the task of maintaining your chimney in tiptop shape is not as simple as it sounds. More than that, it often requires the aid of high-powered tools. That is why MGG Chimney Sweep is here to serve you.

For more than two decades, homeowners in Etobicoke and all the nearby areas have been entrusting their chimneys to our company. Our clients know that no other company can compare to the high-quality and efficient services we offer.

You may be wondering why it is important to request the services of a professional chimney sweep.

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You Need Your Chimney to Be Thoroughly Cleaned or Swept

As you can imagine, a clean chimney will be more efficient than a dirty one. It is why you should list down routine chimney cleaning as part of your maintenance checklist. If there is a buildup of ash, creosote, and other particles obstructing your chimney, then your chimney’s function could be disrupted. Additionally, this could lead to increased smoke inside of your house which is harmful to your family’s health. It could also cause insufficient ventilation and poor combustion of firewood, which actually renders having a chimney kind of pointless.

You Need to Be Sure There are No Animals Nesting

If you rarely have your chimney inspected and cleaned, there is a big chance that animals like squirrels, as well as birds could see its potential as a great nest. Before you know it, you have a whole bunch of wildlife living in your chimney. The nest itself is an obstruction. And trapped animals, of course, are a major problem, too. It is not safe to take action if you are not trained to handle such a situation. You don’t have to trouble yourself with it, either. The solution is quite simple- give MGG Chimney Sweep a call and we’ll deal with the trapped animals, and their nests for you.

We are W.E.T.T. certified for inspections, masonry, chimney sweeping, and installation.


You Need a Certified W.E.T.T. Inspection

It could be you need to have an inspection performed for bank documents or for insurance. Our team of certified professionals can perform a thorough inspection of your chimney. We will also submit to you a very detailed and comprehensive written report. We will include details about combustible, clearance, protection, the chimney system itself, floor, and the B-365 code compliance. You’d be reassured to know that the W.E.T.T. Inspections performed by our team in Etobicoke are recognized by the fire department, the insurance industry, and by real estate firms, too.

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You Need a New Chimney System or Fireplace Installed

You just moved in to your new home and find that the chimney is not working the way you expect it to. Or you believe your current chimney has reached the end of its lifespan. Of course you’d want to have a chimney replacement as soon as possible. We can do that for you! Our W.E.T.T. certified masons can efficiently install a new fireplace or a chimney system for you. We ensure you that it will be done in a way that you’ll achieve its optimal functionality. Of course, all of our installation do comply with B-365 standards, and the instruction manuals of the products as well.

Like any other appliance you might have a home, having routine maintenance done for your chimney will ensure that you get to enjoy its benefits for a substantially longer period. This is especially so if you entrust all your chimney-related needs to a company that is the top choice of homeowners in Etobicoke – MGG Chimney Sweep. Just remember that the function, as well as the safety of your chimney system also has a lot to do with how well you maintain it.

If you’re wondering how often you should have your chimney cleaned, the answer is it also depends on how often you use it. Make sure that it is getting enough attention from you, have it checked – you need to know that it is safe and fully functional at least once a year. These evaluations will also tell you how much and what kind of cleaning or repair services it requires.

At MGG Chimney Sweep, we only have your family’s comfort and safety in mind. If you have any inquiries, just give us a call!

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