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What could be more inviting than a roaring fire in your fireplace on a chilly winter day? This is perhaps one of the things people look forward to during the cold months. But did you know that this same house feature that we depend on to keep use warm and relaxed could also prove to be the most dangerous?

Why Should You Not Neglect Your Chimney?

Chimneys function in such a way that they draw gases and smoke from the burning fire and out of your house. This is not just for mere convenience, but more for safety reasons. Of course, you know that a fire creates smoke that contains very toxic gases including carbon monoxide, which is colourless and odourless but could cause illness or at the very worst, death.

Chimneys also keep excess heat from accumulating in your home. If there are cracks in your chimney, heat could be leaked into the walls and may result to structural damage or fire.

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Among the most common concerns when it comes to chimneys is creosote buildup. If neglected, creosote buildup can actually ignite and cause extremely dangerous chimney fires.

Another common problem is chimney blockage. A variety of debris can fall into the chimney from outside. On top of that, there is just something about chimneys that are so inviting for wildlife – so all too often, animals build their nests there. Blockage of the flue may lead to filling the house with dangerous gases.

Finally, cracks and holes in the chimney or its flue complete our list of common repair issues. Like we mentioned above, these can leak gases and heat into the home, leading to house fire or smoke inhalation.

Prevent any of these from happening by getting the best chimney sweeps in Mississauga – MGG Chimney Sweep!

We are W.E.T.T. certified for inspections, masonry, chimney sweeping, and installation.

Quality Work by Credible Installers

Our experts can provide you with the regular chimney cleaning that your home needs. We can also perform W.E.T.T. inspections for you to thoroughly check the condition of your fireplace and chimney system and to provide you with reports that your insurance company may require.

If you think you are in need of a new one, perhaps a chimney installation is in order. And if you live anywhere in Mississauga, we can have that done in no time at all! We can provide you with some of the best brands, including Supreme, Osburn, and Security Fireplaces. Our installations are performed in accordance to the B-365 standard.

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MGG Chimney Sweep is known to keep the homes of our countless clients in Mississauga and its neighbouring areas safe and warm. With top quality service for all kinds of wood burning fireplaces, woodstoves, and inserts, homeowners can be confident about their chimneys.
Our team of trained professionals offer you free estimates, as well as highly-guaranteed work and a spotless clean up after. Call us so we can take care of your chimney now!

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