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Have you just bought a house in Maple? Do you want to see the state of your chimney before you move in? Or has your house been standing for decades and you’re starting to get worried that your chimney is not in a good condition anymore? Whatever the reason may be, if you are a homeowner who is a little troubled about the general state of your house as well as the safety of your whole family, then it is only natural that you want to have a professional check, clean, and repair your chimney system if necessary.

A Properly Working Chimney Can Protect Your Family

Your chimney covers the flue that lets products of combustion vent out. Flues are made of different materials, including metal which is used for pre-fabricated chimneys or clay tile which is preferred for masonry chimneys. Both your chimney and its flue protect your house from dangerous carbon monoxide and other gasses that might find their way in. Carbon monoxide, which is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas could be present in excess and harm the health of those who inhale it. In most situations, carbon monoxide present in a home comes from burning appliances like the furnace. It could stay in the house because of insufficient venting.

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There may also be debris in your chimney that is caused by birds and other animals that have built their nests. It could also be caused by a deteriorating masonry. Carbon monoxide can also seep through tiny holes and cracks or flues that are created by moisture, residue, or even previous chimney fires.

A chimney fire can happen when hot gasses or cinders ignite creosote that is left on the flue walls. Because creosote is a by-product of burning wood, it naturally accumulates on the walls of your flue and if left there, could possibly cause fire.

It is for the reasons pointed out above that you should ensure the regular maintenance of your chimney system. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned two times every year. Of course, the frequency of the sweeping and inspection depends on how often you use your chimney as well.

Every homeowner in Maple knows that for chimney sweeping and other chimney-related services, the only name to trust is MGG Chimney Sweep. We have a team of qualified chimney professionals who can perform a thorough inspection of your system, including the external part of the structure to make sure that there are no signs of deterioration like staining, broken bricks, and more.

We are W.E.T.T. certified for inspections, masonry, chimney sweeping, and installation.

Quality Work by Credible Installers

MGG Chimney Sweep also carries some of the top products in the industry, if you are considering getting a replacement for your current fireplace. We can install your fireboxes and fireplaces in a fast and efficient manner, while still ensuring that they are up to code. Some of our top of the line products include the Osburn Fireplace, Supreme Fireplace, and Security Fireplace, among others. The chimney systems and woodstoves that we install are all done according to the B-365 standard and the instruction manual.

Apart from Maple, we have also been serving the areas of Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Orangeville, Bolton, Georgetown, Oakville, Milton, Simcoe, and Woodbridge for more than two decades.

Buying a new house or keeping an old house in shape can be really challenging. We do not want your chimney to be one more thing you have to be stressed about. MGG Chimney Sweep can take care of all your chimney worries by delivering high quality cleaning, repair, inspection, and installation services. If you have any questions about our services and products, call us at 1-866-544-6639.

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