Security Fireplaces

About Security Fireplaces

Security Fireplaces is a division of Security Chimneys International known for designing EPA certified high efficiency fireplaces. Their manufacturing facility in Quebec brings us four lines: High Efficiency (BIS) Mid-Efficient, Decorative Series and Builder Series.

The six models of the High Efficiency line are characterized by their uniquely styled BIS Tradition Fireplaces. They incorporate features like non-catalytic combustion, 4.0 cubic foot fire box and big enough space that could keep up to 30″ logs, outside air kit, and four optional facades in brushed nickel, black, hammered steel, or 24k gold plate. They have heat activated blower and heats up to 2, 500 square feet, too.

Mid-Efficient Fireplaces have two lines which are the Le Laval and the Secure HE. Le Laval is known for its contemporary designs that are reminiscent of custom-designed masonry fireplaces. They come with accessories and options like ceramic glass, retractable door, expansive viewing area, herringbone refractory, pocket fire screen, gas knockouts, and a Louverless design.

If you want a real contemporary appeal, though, then the Decorative Series SRCL/R is the unique design for you. Aside from its distinct left side/right side designation, its key features include gray-tinted glass doors with a sealed glass panel with brass trim, firebox that is lined with refractory brick with a cast-iron grate, and an optional outside air kit. It can hold up to 24″ logs.

For more traditional models, the Builders Series has got you covered. It offers two lines which are the SB 36 and the SB42 models. Both are shaped like a trapezoid to maximize space. They also have gas knockouts and outside air kit, a 16-inch deep firebox that comes with refractory brick and a variety of finish options.

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