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About Regency Fireplaces

Regency Fireplaces: Industry Leaders in Quality Since 1979

Regency Fireplaces have been an industry leader in quality since 1979. The company was founded by Robert Little in Vancouver and has since grown into a trusted organization that manufactures a variety of fireplace products.

The company is committed to research and development. To that end, we have a team of 30 designers and engineers who use the latest innovative 3D CAD technology. The highly efficient and beautiful fireplaces they create undergo rigorous certified in-house testing.

Regency Fireplaces offer a variety of products to choose from, including the finest gas, wood, pellet, and electric fireplaces. They offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties. The company is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and the highest levels of support.

Their products are sold through an outstanding network of over 2,000 retailers. The company has an industry-leading team of customer support and technical professionals.

Environmental Responsibility

Regency Fireplaces understands their responsibility to the environment. That’s why they design woodstoves and inserts that comply with Environmental Protection Agency standards. This results in a reduction of harmful emissions and polluting smoke released into the environment.

Regency Fireplaces: Thirty-Five Years of Experience You Can Trust

We are always proud to install any of these products in your home. That’s why we feature them in our gallery so you can choose the one that’s right for you. This is a company that is constantly upgrading to better serve clients. Our vision has always been to create fine products.

Our manufacturing facility is over 240,000 square feet and is constantly being upgraded with the latest innovations. That way, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that’s safe, efficient, affordable, and reliable.

Remember that any installations you order from us are carried out by certified technicians. Our staff have all the technical knowledge and skills to ensure each installation is done thoroughly and properly. MGG Chimney Sweep has an experienced staff that understands all the codes, so you don’t need to worry about unsafe or improper installation.

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