Chimney Inspections

We provide different levels of inspection. W.E.T.T. inspection are mostly ask by the bank or insurance purpose. We give you a report on your chimney system and the appliances done by a W.E.T.T. technician. This report is about clearance, combustible, floor, protection, chimney system, and the b-365 manual code compliance.

MGG Chimney Sweep offers different levels of W.E.T.T. inspection to make sure that you are using a safe and efficient wood burning system in your home.

Chimney inspection

W.E.T.T. inspections are recognized by not only the insurance industry, but also by most real estate firms, as well as the Building Officials and the Fire Department. That is why we provide you with a comprehensive report about your home’s chimney system that is performed by a W.E.T.T. technician.

So to ensure your family’s safety, have your chimney and fireplace inspected by only the most qualified to do it – your MGG Chimney Sweep team!

This detailed report will include clearance, combustible, floor, protection, chimney system as well as the B-365 code compliance. W.E.T.T. trained technicians all abide a code of ethics that requires professionalism in every aspect of their job. That is your assurance the one handling all the chimney work in your house is highly qualified to do his tasks.