We provide stainless steel liners for wood stoves, wood inserts and oil furnaces.

Liners are mandatory in most case to prevent chimney fires and safe venting. Liners should be cleaned once a year and inspected.

Liners are among the best investments you can make to protect your home. Traditional chimney liners are made of clay. They stop gases from leaking into the house and also prevent chimneys from overheating. But these liners can crack and break.


Now, stainless steel piping is preferred by most homeowners and chimney experts when it comes to liners. Stainless liners come in rigid and flexible options. They are easier to install and maintain, too, but still require annual cleaning and inspection.

We can provide you with high quality steel liners for your wood stoves, wood inserts, and oil furnaces. Make sure your home is safe from chimney fire!