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Who would say no to a relaxing evening in front of a fireplace with loved ones and a warm drink in hand? Perfect, right? Everyone in Canada probably knows how fireplaces and chimneys play a big role in every family’s life – keeping everybody safe and warm the whole year. It is so surprising, however, that there are homeowners who still neglect their chimney systems.

Your Chimney Needs Some TLC

Your chimney covers the flue that lets products of combustion vent out. Flues are made of different materials, including metal which is used for pre-fabricated chimneys or clay tile which is preferred for masonry chimneys. Both your chimney and its flue protect your house from dangerous carbon monoxide and other gasses that might find their way in. Carbon monoxide, which is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas could be present in excess and harm the health of those who inhale it. In most situations, carbon monoxide present in a home comes from burning appliances like the furnace. It could stay in the house because of insufficient venting.

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A common concern when it comes to chimneys is the creosote buildup that should not be allowed to accumulate, otherwise, there is a possibility of a dangerous fire happening. A blocked chimney is also a usual problem. It could be unbelievable what sort of things find their way into a chimney. It is like all the leaves and twigs try to be there on purpose. Wild animals are also extremely attracted to the charm of chimneys – perhaps it is a safe haven for them and that is why they build their nests in there.

Having these blockages simply mean that the dangerous gasses mentioned will not be able to be drawn out of your house. On the contrary, they can even fill your house! Cracks and holes in your chimney structure can also be the cause of heat and gas leakage and even house fire.

Are you worried now? Well, it is indeed something to worry about – but only if you have no one you can trust to help you deal with it. But MGG Chimney Sweep is here and you’d be glad to know that we offer our services in Milton and its neighbouring towns, too. Now that you have access to exceptional chimney services, you can be sure that avoiding these unfortunate situations is as easy as one, two, three!

We are W.E.T.T. certified for inspections, masonry, chimney sweeping, and installation.


How Can We Help?

MGG Chimney Sweep is known for our thorough chimney cleaning that comes with an assurance that you get a creosote and grime-free chimney. Keeping the system clean is just one of the best ways to prolong the life of your chimney and of course, your benefits from it. A clean chimney allows our technicians to have a perfect view of it (inside and out) and be able to check for any signs of deterioration.

Of course, we are also equipped with the right tools so our experts could thoroughly assess the condition of your chimney. That includes your fireplace. For a comprehensive report, we perform a certified W.E.T.T. inspection. We will provide you with a detailed report of your chimney system. This report is recognized by banks and insurance companies.

Unfortunately, even the strongest chimneys and fireplaces could slowly deteriorate. The weather that they endure has a lot to do with it – and so is the lack of attention. If the condition of your chimney system is beyond repair, the only choice you have then is to install a new one for your home. Well, it is a good thing you are from Milton because it means you can have a new chimney installed really soon when you call MGG Chimney Sweep.

We carry some of the best brands of fireplaces in the market, like the Supreme, Osburn, and Security Fireplaces, among others. These top quality products are installed by our trained technicians in accordance to the manufacturer’s manual and the B-365 manual. You can also be sure that our masons will be able to build a new chimney for you, and it’s one that not only functions well but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Aside from Milton, our team is also available for any chimney-related service in areas like MississaugaBramptonCaledonAerinBoltonGeorgetownVaughan, Orangetown, Maple, and King City, among many others.

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You can ask the countless number of homeowners who entrust their chimneys to us for more than 20 years now! The quality of service that we bring to every home speaks for itself. Our chimney solutions area tailored to meet every client’s specific requirements. Not all chimneys are built the same, so we handle them differently too. Give us a call if you want free estimates or if you want to know more about our highly-guaranteed chimney services.

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