The Importance of Regular Chimney Inspections: Ensuring Safety and Performance

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There’s nothing better than sitting back in front of a cozy fire when it’s cold outside, but you must have your chimney inspected to ensure safety and optimum performance. A trained professional must complete this task to prevent fumes, water damage and dangerous situations if you neglect your chimney.

Creosote Buildup Can Cause Fires

Clean chimneys will not catch fire, but a chimney filled with buildup is a disaster waiting to happen. Creosote is highly flammable, and it can catch fire, and this can damage your chimney, the underlying structure of the house or your home’s interior.

If you notice a dark buildup in your chimney walls, it’s time for a chimney inspection. A professional technician will determine if excessive creosote buildup warrants removal and will remove both creosote and soot to minimize risk if needed. A reputable technician can repair or replace components that may promote increased creosote buildup.

Obstructions Can Lead To Danger

Obstructions include leaves, twigs and anything else a storm may deposit into your chimney. It also includes critters like birds, squirrels and raccoons who can build nests in chimneys. All of these obstructions can block the flue and prevent the normal escape of fire by-products to the outdoors, and the backed-up smoke and vapours in your chimney can then enter the home and potentially expose you and your family to carbon monoxide gas.

Obstructions can also potentially spark a fire if they come into contact with loose embers because they can act as kindling.

If you hear animal sounds from your chimney or suspect nests or debris, a chimney inspection is a must, and a technician can look for obstructions and, if detected, remove them on your behalf. They may also recommend a chimney cap, which can be installed to keep out debris and animals.

Damaged Parts

Repairs and replacements of damaged chimney components can minimize the risk of fires and carbon monoxide exposure, but the problem is that there are parts you cannot see with the naked eye. Some vital parts of a chimney are hidden or too high for a homeowner to inspect, which is why you must contact a professional technician because they have the tools and training to detect damaged parts.

Old Problems May Return

If you recently purchased a new home and do not know if the chimney was ever inspected, you need to contact a professional technician right away because the chimney can be filled with debris, caked in creosote or have hidden damage. Getting an inspection before using your chimney will eliminate risks, and you won’t have to worry about harming your home.


Do you want to enjoy a warm fire without any headaches? MGG Chimney Sweep will inspect your chimney to ensure there are no problems. Regular chimney inspections cannot be emphasized enough, and we will ensure you and your home are not in harm’s way.

We serve customers in the Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville areas, and you can contact us at any time to schedule your next chimney cleaning.

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