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About Supreme Fireplaces

A fireplace is like the heart of your home, inviting family and friends to gather, stay, and create warm memories. Why not create yours with Supreme Fireplaces?

Supreme Opus is a Vesta Award winner for Best Wood Burning Fireplace and anyone who has ever seen and used it can truly attest not only to its efficiency but to its elegant beauty as well. It really has redefined everyone’s expectations of what a fireplace is and can be.

With a stainless steel firebox with a patented automatic air system, Supreme Opus is created in such a way that it increases draft while reducing your smoke problem. With a sealed ash pan and a chimney sweeping cap, Supreme Opus See-Through Wood Fireplace makes maintenance such a simple task. Its easy-open door latch system on either sides of the fireplace make it very user-friendly even to those who are trying out wood fireplaces for the first time.

Supreme Volcano Plus Wood Fireplace Insert can turn any old masonry fireplace into a highly efficient heating machine for your home! With its stainless steel firebox, it will last longer than others and heat faster to blazing temperatures. It also requires less maintenance compared to other units. It erupts with an amazing 100,000 BTUs, bringing you all the heat of a real volcano but without any smoke!

Supreme Zero Clearance Fireplaces with twin 125 CFM blowers will make you feel like the wind itself is blowing towards you softly as warming heat radiates throughout your home. With its easy-clean features, and stainless steel firebox and patented automatic air control system, it creates quick starting fires that help reduce the usual initial smoking while still maintaining that extended burn time every homeowner wants.