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Chimney Cleaning

What is a chimney sweep?

A chimney sweep is a professionally trained worker who is an expert on inspecting fireplaces and clearing ash, soot, (and the occasional wildlife) from chimneys. Now because there is a high demand for chimney sweeps as the months grow colder, you might encounter someone driving around town and claiming to be an expert chimney sweep. Should you go ahead and just hire anybody to work on your chimney? The answer is definitely no. Just like you wouldn’t entrust your home’s pipework to just any plumber or your house’s wiring to anyone who calls himself an electrician, you would not just send someone to handle your chimney.

So how do you know you are getting the right person for the job? If you are from Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Caledon, Orangeville, Georgetown, Bolton, Simcoe, Oakville, and Barrie, you are definitely in luck. There is one name that residents in these areas trust when it comes to chimney cleaning and repair – MGG Chimney Sweep.
If our company’s name sounds familiar, it is because for over 20 years now, we have been proudly cleaning fireboxes and chimneys, providing a dust free and safe environment for our valued clients. Our certified chimney sweeps are known for their efficiency in determining every chimney’s specific condition and promptly performing whatever solution is required to get the chimney in its optimal working state.

Why should you have your chimney inspected and cleaned?

It is time to get your fireplace ready and working before you have the need for it and realize that you can’t use it because you failed to have it inspected and the chimney swept. Take note that failing to properly maintain your fireplace and chimney could be hazardous to your family’s health.

A study also reported that the leading cause of fires due to home heating was failure to thoroughly clean solid-fueled equipment, in particular, the presence of creosote in chimneys. Creosote buildup in your chimney is a serious concern. The more smoke your fires produce, the more creosote buildup there would be. Flue liners can be corroded and mortar joints worn away. This creosote can also easily corrode your chimney, and worse, cause chimney fires. For that reason alone, don’t you think you should get in touch with a certified chimney sweep at once? After all, when you warm yourself near a cozy fire and enjoy it with your family, you would not want to be worrying about potential disasters that might happen any moment.
You should also have your chimney inspected for any sign of deterioration. A cracked flue lining, for example, means that there is a possibility of heat entering you home and causing a fire. If there is a cracked flue, you cannot use your fireplace until this is addressed by a professional.

Now that you know how urgent this matter of having you chimney cleaned is, do not delay any longer and call MGG Chimney Sweep! There is no need for you to look elsewhere. Just ask the countless families we have kept warm and safe in more than two decades and they’d tell you, you just couldn’t beat an MGG Chimney Sweep! Call for a free estimate now!

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